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Amazing carambola / star fruit health benefits

Amazing Carambola and its health benefits


Star fruit is also generally known as carambola especially grown in south eastern areas of asia. The star fruit is in oblong shape with 3-5 inches. The star fruit is in yellow in color. You'll find two types of the star fruit. One kind is sour fruit that's not low . The next kind is sweet star fruit when compared it's less quantity. Star fruit is found with distinct names in various places. The star fruit contains vitamin C and vitamin A, fiber and iron. Star fruit contains antioxidants which are necessary for our body. Star fruit is edible fruit and needs humidity and sun light.

Health benefits of star fruit

Lowers cholesterol : Star fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C that help to cut back blood pressure levels and lowers the cholesterol. Star fruit includes low calories and high fiber

Indigestion issue: Most of the individuals endure with the indigestion difficulties. It causes as a result of consumption of high calorie food. To overwhelm this indigestion favors to eat star fruit that is fresh in small quantities for every 3 hours.

Skin disease: Skin problems are transmitted disorders. The serious skin diseases like ringworm, chicken pox, acne which cause discomfort to your own skin influenced the majority of the folks. In order to avoid this issue make use of the decoction of leaves and roots . This reduced discomfort and the marks of skin problems.

Kidney troubles: If your kidney is working correctly it is possible to devour star fruit in case your kidney has any issue it's very dangerous and occasionally results in departure.

Star fruit for attractiveness

Skin care: Star fruit can be used for each of the skin types. Star fruit can be used to cleanse the face from suntan. It's used as skin moisturizer.



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