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4 Best kitchen ingredients to treat cracked heels


Breaking in the heels is an overall issue to a lot of individuals due to a number of reasons. The many reasons are unhealthy diet, usage of inappropriate shoes and socks, insufficient moisturizer, improper foot care, dry atmosphere and improper hygiene attention. Treating the issues with treatments that are appropriate and appropriate attention can let you remove cracked heels issue.

Vegetable oil

Various amount of vegetable oils may be used to take care of your heels that were cracked and hydrogenated vegetable oil. To catch the very best results, before you go to sleep, apply the oils above to your own foot, to ensure that oil will penetrate deep to your skin plus it is going to give smoothness if it is used consistently to you.
First begin the oil massage by cleaning your foot completely with pumice stone after which use the vegetable oil to heels and soles. Wear socks that are washed and clean and leave them for whole night. The heel cracks are reduced by this practice in a day-to-day routine.

Rice flour

Exfoliating the skin helps you to remove the dead and flaky particles formed within the body out. Use rice flour to remove the cracking issue also to exfoliate your heels.
To prepare your home made feet exfoliator, you simply want three ingredients which can be useful in the house. They're Rice apple cider vinegar, honey and flour. Combine with one tbsp of apple cider vinegar and a single tbsp of honey. Combine them to form a heavy paste. If you're experiencing extreme cracking in your heels,a tbsp of olive or almond oil.
First soak your foot in the warm water for five to ten minutes and then massage the scrub on the foot softly.


Neem also called margo leaves is having antifungal properties which are essential to treat cracked heels. The mixture is a conventional approach to take care of your heel issues.
Take some of neem leaves and make them stick. Put in a tbsp of turmeric powder and blend it completely. Put on the paste on the cracked heels and manage it for 30 minutes. Wash your feet with hot water and pat using a soft and clean fabric. Turmeric and antifungal properties of neem's antibacterial properties helps to fix split and kills the bacteria present on your skin heels that are less.


Use lemon to dull the rough skin, which will be the primary basis for cracked heels. The astringent properties supply you better results and works from the rough skin.
Get a lemon and make into two half's, squeeze a half part directly into hot water and soak your legs as much as 10 minutes. Do not go for really hot water, which worsts rough foot's state. Wash your foot and soap and clean using a towel that is smooth.
Instead it is possible to directly apply the lemon juice on the foot and rinse off with pumice stone and soap.



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