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Winter vegetables for the health and beauty care

Winter vegetables are tasty and healthy. Even people can find variety of vegetables in the market in winter than other seasons. People wait for the whole year to get winter season and enjoy consuming variety of healthy vegetables in meals, soups etc. Harvesting of specific crops will depend on the climate of a particular zone. But, during the winter season, almost all vegetables can be available near your locality. Thus, the price of fresh vegetables will be less costly as compared to the ones available during summer and or climatic zones.

List of vegetables for the winter season


In the temperate climate, this vegetable is seen to be grown year round. But, this may not taste well if consumed in summer season. But, if you consume Broccoli during the winter season, it will be very tasty. It will be less bitter and sweater during the winter season.


During the winter season, beets are also having a great demand. This is also available during the other seasons but, people gets beets in the market mostly during the winter season. You can consume beet in raw form or can add it in your curry. You can get fresh beets along with their greens.

Brussels sprouts

These sprouts generally grow on a stalk. But, you can see them quite longer in length and size. This is also a wonderful vegetable consumed by people during the winter season. Some people can also consume it in the form of a special ingredient in curries.


Carrots are available in very good quality during winter season. Though you can find carrots round the year, the color of carrot that you can find during the other seasons would be orange where as in winter season it is red in color. It is more tasty and sweet in taste once consumed in winter season. You can make a special sweet dish with grated carrot during winter season. Carrot can keep your body warmer during winter.


Cabbage is a wonderful ingredient among the list of vegetables which have good fiber contents. If you consume it in the raw form, it will appear to be crisp and bright. You can cut cabbage in equal slices and add in your salad to make it complete. There are many tasty curries made with cabbage. Whether you want to consume vegetable or non vegetarian dishes, cabbage will be always properly utilized.

Celery root

Not all vegetables available during the winter season will be available during summer or other seasons. One of them is known as celery root. You will get this in the best form when the temperature is cold.


This is a crop grown in the regions where the climate is cold. If you are staying in such a region where summer and other weather exhibits round the year, you need to import it from places with colder climate. This is also available in the early springs. This is very good to eat and is also quite healthy for people consuming it.



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