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Winter skin care tips for men, women

Our skin won't be in the same nature in all the seasons, to protect it from every varying season, your skin care habits and living style needed to be changed. Let us see some tips to be followed in the winter season.

Time to additional dresses

Invest some amount on gloves to wear them when ever you feel like the chill is more. The moisture levels of the skin becomes weak with the decrease in the temperature, to protect it you need to do it. Wearing a skin scarf around the face is most crucial as the cold winds might theft your hydration. At the same time wear a hat to make you feel warm and also to protect your hair.

Protection from sun

Though the season is leading by cold temperatures, the sun may play with your skin and damage it. In the day time, stick your skin with sun blocks like titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Also add ultra violet rays blocking eye shades to prevent the wrinkles.

Regulate the blood circulation

In the winter, it is natural that the blood is circulation is slow. To regulate it, go for dry brushing. For this take the help of a long handled and natural bristle brush. Start brushing from the feet and follow the upward direction. Give gentle strokes on sensitive areas and circular motions on stomach and abdomen. After you finished doing with brush take a shower

Bathing precautions

In the winter skin becomes more dry and dry. So, it's necessary to abandon the usage of soaps. Soaps will take out the moisture and leads to itchy skin. Use moisturizing body washes or home made bath powders. You can use besan to wash your skin, it adds moisture to the skin.

If your skin is too sensitive then apply coconut oil before going to shower, it will work as natural cleanser. People pertaining to oil skin can take the help of aloe vera. After the step out from the shower, apply good moisturizer to the whole body.

Natural hair conditioner

Apply just few drops of coconut oil to your scalp and cover with shower cap and wrap the head with towel. The natural body temperature will increase the oil ability and turns it to perform as a natural conditioner. After 15 to 20 minutes, rinse off hair normally.


Cold winds and air are not good for skin and hair. Use emollients like jojoba,sweet almond oil to promote the moisture. While you are outing lock the moisture with the help of coconut oil or shea butter. Pick the products that contains nicotinamide or B3, they helps to regulate epidermal lipogenesis and moisturizes the skin when it is dull.

Food habits

Be sure to add your diet with omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, and E also play a vital role for healthy skin. Drink upto 8 glasses of water as water hydrates your body very well.

Be sensitive

Skin problems like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema becomes worsen in the winter season. To get rid off the season irritations, always pat the skin after shower and sleep in silks. Put on natural fabrics like cotton.

Soothe skin from the calendula or cucumber extracts. Use cleansing milks that are contained with aloe vera and camomile.



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