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Top health benefits of using green amaranth leaves


Amaranth is among the green leafy vegetable used by many Indian within their daily diet. It includes many vitamins minerals etc. It's the green leafy vegetable that is exceptionally employed following the spinach. It's broadly obtainable in India. Make use this Amaranth with yellowish gs, red grams etc .Amaranth can be found in a number of types and with little form.

Rich Vitamin source

Amaranth is vitamin source food that is abundant. It includes folic acid, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin A and vitamin C. These vitamins make it as popular green leafy vegetable!

Loaded Minerals source

It includes the many minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc etc. All this minerals can be found in this.


Amaranth contains the proteins in higher degree. The proteins are contained by it than that wheat comprises in them. Gulten many leafy vegetables comprises this protein does not be contained by amaranth. It includes many aminco acids suggested for day-to-day diet.

Cancer food

It includes the high fiber and essential amino acids .Both these are great to avoid the cancer .Fiber foods amaranth helps in charge of cholesterol.

Simple Digestive

It's readily digestive food. It includes the fiber .Fiber is much better digestible as opposed to proteins and minerals and other. Boiled amaranth is tremendously used in several states. It doesn't lose any vitamin, mineral, protein vales.


Amaranth includes vitamin C which is useful in increase your defense mechanisms.

Disorder Prevention

It boost your resistance that is the reason the disorder prevention enhances

Keep black hair

Amaranth helps the keeps your hair black. The Amaranth's get your hair to not lose its first colour fast. It prevents to turn your hair becomes grey.

Note: the oxalic acid which can be effective in consuming the minerals is contained by Amaranth. Boiled amaranth is better for everyone. Over fried amaranth isn't recommended.



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