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How can i delay my period? Best ways to delay periods

Best ways to delay periods

There may be various reasons to get a female to want to delay her periods. A pre-planned an occasion, a function, long excursion or a frantic job are a few of the common reasons in the bunch. In such scenarios, the most usual manner that a large part of the girls choose for is taking a drug. The majority of the medications that postpone menstruation are just hormonal pills- the girls might be dangerous in the future and disrupt the natural hormonal balance. Besides that, these pills additionally bring in various unwanted effects, like nausea, vomiting, headache, hot flushes that may make things worse. Thus, what's the way out? Like a number of other matters, the way out because of this issue, would be to turn to natural treatments. You can postpone your menstruation by following some home remedies, economically, and also you may be sure the won't bring any negative effects in just about any manner even. Thus, the next time you would like to postpone your periods try out these home remedies as opposed to the pills, to get effects that are natural.

Exclude the hot foods out of your diet plan

Generally it's thought that menstruation is triggered by hot food. And so, if you're wanting to postpone your periods you need to avoid hot foods -20 days ahead of your menstrual cycle that is anticipated. Spices like chili pepper, garlic and paprika increases body heat and therefore quickens the menstruation cycle up. Turmeric has the same effect, thus if you're attempting to postpone your periods ensure that raw turmeric is not taken by you

Gram lentils

From your primeval times g lentils were used as a medicine for postponing menstruation. Fry some gram lentils and grind them to produce a powder. Add this lentil powder having a cup of warm water to create a soup. Drink this soup each day in empty belly, as well as in the midday and during the nighttime before getting your food. You need to begin this routine a minumum of one week before your anticipated date of menstruation


Vinegar can also be considered to work in delaying periods. It's additionally used for easing menstrual symptoms that were distinct . Add 3-4 spoonfuls of vinegar with water and drink this in the early hours, midday and nighttime before taking your food. Vinegar when taken in the proper manner can postpone this treatment and menstruation may also be beneficial for reducing menstruation flow that is high. So, in the event you're experiencing a flow that is higher, it is also possible to use vinegar to restrain the flow.

Chaste berry

The amount of progesterone plays an important function in modulating the menstrual cycle. Chaste Berry has got the power and therefore may not be ineffective to postpone periods. Chaste Berry also can be useful for having menstrual cycle that is shorter


Gelatin is considered for postponing menstruation as a really powerful fix. But this treatment is appropriate merely in the event of crisis as it delays your span exclusively by hours. Combine 2 tablespoons of gelatin with light warm water combine both ingredients well and drink the concoction at one go. This fast ingestion of warm and gelatin water is considered to be rather effectual in delaying intervals for a while.

More exercise

This can be an all-natural manner. When you would like to wait the dates, begin working out more- it can postpone your intervals and will set the body under pressure. Just in case you do exercises on a daily basis, raise intensity as well as time to place the body under pressure. This is very successful for postponing menses and is not going to have some unfavorable activity in your body in the future.

Parsley leaves with honey

Parsley is a nutritional abundant leafy vegetable that people use frequently in day-to-day diet. Apart from a whole lot parsley leaves have various flavonoids and volatile oils. Concoction of Parsley leaves was discovered to be successful to postpone menstruation. Boil of cleaned parsley leaves before the water reduces to half. Now have hot and strain the leaves and blend 1 spoon honey to it. Drink this preparation daily, beginning from a week prior to your own menstruation date that is anticipated to get results.

Menstruation is also postponed by mental anxiety but it's one thing that you can't get in your wish. For postponing menstruation, it's also quite dangerous for the body to suffer mental pressure and shouldn't be attempted as a choice.



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