» » General health problems and diseases in the monsoon | rainy season

General health problems and diseases in the monsoon | rainy season

monsoon health problems

Monsoon or rainy season provides the relief from your hot summer that is bright. However, the monsoon includes the bunch of ailments. This season is better for the bacterial, fungal development dwelling insects,. This whole are participate in aliments, sickness and the human ailments. Everyone must be cautious regarding the monsoon common issues and take the essential precautions to escape from these maladies to acre. Some common monsoon disorders are cold, cough, fever, malaria, diarrhea etc.

Common cold, cough and viral fever

Above are the most popular issues in the monsoon. Human body continues exposure to the humidity makes the cold and cough. Cough and this cold brings the viral temperatures. Get not dry and wet correctly make the welcome


  • Wear the dry clothes.
  • Bathe the hand when you make contact with cold symptoms individuals.
  • Take citrus fruits they can be useful in fostering the immune system.


It's disorder is activated by the exceptionally in the monsoon. The mosquitoes cause this. The symptoms are chills, body pains, fever and shivering. This malaria can't be neglected by us.

  • Keep the rooms hygienic and dry.
  • Drink the hot water.
  • Make use of the mosquito coils, webs etc to restrain the mosquitoes.


Taking the food which includes the bacteria causes this. Additionally causes diarrhea when we drink the water with bacteria. Symptoms because of this diarrhea are movements, lack of energy, temperature etc. Take the hot food. Drink the boiled water.

Chikungunya temperature

Aedes aegypti mosquito bite causes it. The virus is transmitted by them from one individual to another. The symptoms are fever, body aches, joint pains and rashes. Consult the chikungunya fever to be treated by a doctor. They have been many vaccines are on hand to treat this temperature.


Skin diseases cause this like wounds, injuries impacted by bacteria. The symptoms that are normal are body pains etc. body shivering, chills, fever, Tend not to walk in the road side water that is filthy. Make the bathrooms when you come from exterior. Treat the body wound and harms .Cover the body injuries when you going out.

Hepatitis A

hepatitis A is also among the monsoon disorders. The normal symptoms are fever, joint pains Please consult with the physician if find the aforementioned symptoms. Hepatitis A can not be disregarded it can lead to in even states.

Skin problems during monsoon

Skin and monsoon are the significantly connected. Monsoon brings the bunch of skincare issues. Humidity helps you to grow bacteria on your skin. They make your skin worse. To find out about the monsoon skin care:


Guidelines to avoid maladies

Keep your houses dry and clean. Prevent and control the mosquitoes by webs and coils. Don't eat the road side food. Wear the garments that are clean and dry. Drink the water that is boiled. Keep your home encompassing clean. Please keep the most important medicals along with you.



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