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Top hair packs to treat the dry split ends hair


Soft, downy and glossy hair adds a neat appearance to your own face no one needs a rough and grimy hair but occasionally it's not your fault for the causes that are rough. Nevertheless, treat them through the hair that is perfect packs.

Avocado hair mask


  • Avocado
  • Olive oil

The best way to make

Begin preparing the hair mask making it mash and by doing peel off to one avocado. Add this mashed avocado to two tbsps of olive oil and whip it. In the event you want to include almond or jojoba oil it is possible to blend it to the aforementioned mixture.

Before you go to put on the pack dab on the entire scalp and points of the hair and get it wet. Use the shower cap and leave it around half an hour. Give a massage together with your finger points and rinse off completely to get the hair that is soft and manageable.

Nutrients and the vitamins supplies wellness for the hair, as well as the hair is replenished by the property that is moisturizing. Because it's a higher fiber content fruit, it is simple to use and goes simple. The natural oil within the avocado functions as a deep conditioner for the rough and dull hair. Eventually, new life is given by the hydrating properties as well as hair.

Egg hair mask

Shine and being life less are the most popular options that come with a rough and dry hair. Egg and one of these issues can battle and can assist you by adding smoothness and radiance to your own dull hair.
Here is the home made egg recipe


  • Eggs
  • Olive oil

The best way to make

Take two eggs and nightclub it four TBS of olive oil. Combine them perfect and apply it over hair as well as the entire scalp completely. Use a shower cap after using the mixture to lock in the wetness within. Allow it to sit for 20 to 25 minutes and after that give a wash completely to discover the magic of hair that is glossy and smooth.

When do this repair do not wash your hair as it will not washes the egg. It makes rough to remove from your hair through washing and somewhat cooks the eggs.

This egg hair mask is a great mask for those with hair that is dry and rough - it removes the dryness during the deep actioning and supplies strength to the hair roots by its protein compound.

Banana hair mask

Banana hair mask could be created within minutes. The effects also can be seen prompt. Put on the banana mask to your own flaky, dull and split end hair to dump out them. This pack can be applied by you for once in a week in order to add health and radiance to your own own hair.


  • Banana
  • Olive oil
  • Milk

The best way to make

Take a ripe banana and mix it completely together with the inclusion of one tbsp of olive oil plus two table spoons. Ensure your mix does not contain any lumps, tangling issues may throw. Apply the paste your moist hair and make it smooth, dab at it hair and points totally.

Banana hair mask isn't less than any living room treatments- it helps through its moisturizing properties for the glow and fortifies the hair roots using its vitamins.



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