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Best benefits of karela juice for hair care


karela common name is Bitter safeguard. The scientific name is momordica charantia. Karela is for sale in the tropical areas of South America, Africa and Asian nations. Indian karela is smaller and rougher. Karela is originated in India and carried to china. . Karela juice isn't for well-being and skin but additionally for the hair issues. Karela juice has high content of proteins that are crucial to generate your hair more powerful.

Hair packs using karela juice

Karela juice for darkening hair

Karela is darkening and a great pigment


  1. Oil
  2. Chopped karela
  3. Coconut oil


  1. Get few spoonfuls of oil and chopped karela. Combine them keep for 4days.
  2. After the mixture is marinated boiling point. Leave it 10minute till it gets cool
  3. Combine . Use in your own hair often for effects that are great.

Karela juice for baldness

Using karela juice prevents baldness.


  1. Leaves of karela plant.


  1. Get some leaves and wash them. Smash the karela leaves to express the juice.
  2. Use the juice on affected region of scalp. Leave it for 15minute
  3. Clean your hair.
  4. Duplicate the procedure thrice weekly for results that are better.

Karela juice for dandruff

Dandruff is the most popular issue due to the food we have.


1. karela juice
2. Cumin seeds


  1. Take 2 TBS of cumin seeds and modest quantity powder.
  2. Combine well. Clean your hair with this particular liquid.
  3. You are going to remove hair issue in a month.

Karela juice for dry scalp

Dry scalp is extremely itchy plus one shouldn't rub scalp. It may cause additional complications.


  1. Fresh karela


  1. Require one fresh karela. Rub your face for a while.
  2. Wash your hair with water that is clean.

Karela juice for scalp pimples

Scalp pimples are caused due to lack and excessive perspiration of hygienic conditions.


  1. Kerala juice
  2. Cucumber paste


  1. Take 3 tbsps of karela juice plus one tbsp of cucumber paste
  2. Combine well. Apply on scalp pimple.
  3. Leave it for 15min.wash off with water
  4. This technique supplies soothing effect.

Karela juice for rough hair

This precaution is for twisted and rough hair.


  1. Fresh karela thick paste


  1. Take karela paste and apply over hair.
  2. Leave it for 30min. wash off your hair.
  3. That is home remedy for hair that is soft and smooth.

Karela juice for gray hair

This technique can be used to minimize the early gray hair


  1. Karela juice


  1. Take fresh bitter karela juice.
  2. Apply on hair for 30min.
  3. Wash your hair off.
  4. For better results follow for every 10days to cut back gray hair.

Karela juice for glossy hair

Karela juice will bring beauty and natural radiance to your own own hair.


  1. Karela juice
  2. Yogurt


  1. Have cup. Modest quantities of yogurt.
  2. Combine. apply on hair
  3. Leave it for 30minute
  4. Wash your hair off.
  5. Your will find natural glow to your own own hair.
  6. For better results , make use of this procedure twice in a month.



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