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Top face packs / face masks with milk prepared at home


Milk face packs

It is a fact that is well-known that milk makes our bones and teeth strong. In addition to the well-being track there are tremendous advantages of milk. The many skin advantages of milk are raising radiation, the tone, luminescence, softness and smoothness. Let's see a number of the face packs using milk as a main ingredient.

Milk face pack for greasy skin





*Lemon juice

Get a cucumber and pare off it, make the cucumber into bits and grind it, get one tbsp and add it with one tbsp of half and milk tbsp . Combine and mask it for a pack. Leave the pack for around a quarter-hour and after that rinse off with plain water. It provides you with a clear and clean face in the wash's very next minute. Doing the procedure often provides you with spot skin that is free as well as clear.

Milk face pack for dry skin



*Olive oil

* Turmeric powder

To the one tbsp add a bit of turmeric powder along with few drops of olive oil. Combine well and dab your whole face. Allow it to sit for 10 to a quarter hour and after that rinse off with luke warm water to get the skin that is smooth. It helps to moisturize the skin from the deeper layers and operates perfect.

Milk face pack to get paleness




*Turmeric powder

* Milk

Take five or four almonds and soak them in another day morning grind the almonds together with the inclusion of milk and pare the skin out. For this paste add a bit of turmeric powder after which apply on the facial skin. Then remove it by lightly massaging in the circular motions and leave it for about 20 minutes, it will help eliminate and to exfoliate the dead skin.

The nourishing vitamins, vitamin B complex and vitamin E within the almonds enhances the skin complexion. Turmeric works in making the skin light, successful and milk also helps for the exact same. It's going to take off the dead and flaky skin out, if you are removing through friction. Do not quit using this paste for one or two times, your tone raises. Also it is going to give you supple and smooth skin using a radiance.

Milk face pack for glowing skin



* Milk powder



*Cucumber juice

Add one table spoon of milk powder in a bowl one tbsp of yogurt and get it, two tbsps of cucumber and two tbsps of watermelon juice juice. Bind them by combining well, distribute it in your face and leave it for a quarter hour. Rinse off with plain water and then pat.

The milk powder present in this treatment lightens the skin tone and cleanses the skin. Water melon helps for clearing the skin, cucumber juice provides the skin lightening effect -- where the skin tightens and softens. Thus, try this multi fixing face pack to get the luminescence in a natural way that is brand new.



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