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Surprising medicinal uses of tamarind

Tamarind fruit has many uses using its sour flavor, it's in flavoring the Indian dishes popular. It's utilized in bites or in the preparation of desserts like jam, sweet beverages. Tamarind is consisting of these properties including febrifuge, cathartic, and astringent, antiseptic refrigerant,. It can be used like curries, chutneys and pickles.

Medical uses

Reduction of desire

Take the jaggery water and combine it with cardamom, cinnamon bark and tamarind pulp. Keep this in the mouth and suck on the infusion from it in the event of anorexia.

Ear troubles

Oil works powerful if you were captured by acute earache.

Common cold

To treat the acute cold, possess the soup created from tamarind fruit. The phlegm has to be taken out with the aid a head evacuation procedure in the event it got thick.

White discharge

Soak them to get a day and gather the tamarind seeds, make them paste with the addition of milk. Take the paste frequently to find the most effective results.


Get the tamarind seeds outer shells and grind them, combine this with bishop's weed, dehydrated ginger powder and rock salt. Add this mixture to drink it and butter milk.

Eye diseases

Take club and the tamarind leaves juice . Dab the concoction to the eyes incase in case your eyes got pain, redness,discharge and blockage. Made a paste tamarind and ghee extract, apply it around the eye region to diminish a person's eye itching.


Require the hot decoction produced from tub and tamarind leaves with it. Be sure that the region that is affected got wet with this particular decoction.


Grind the tamarind root bark into paste and gather it, it's going to decrease the freckles.

Bleeding heaps

Fry tamarind's leaves in the mixture of ghee and oil, after frying cook the leaves in the adequate amount to this add pomegranates that were dried powder, dried coriander seeds and ginger. Take it often for the results that are striving. Liquid gruel soured with tamarind pulp can also cures bleeding piles.


Get these components: epicarp of three elements of sarjarasa, two parts tamarind fruit pulp one section, one part and nine parts. Grind a kind to be nicely formed by them. When you are interested in getting the relief from cold is only fumigated by it.

Wounds and swellings

Boil, tamarind leaves, tamarind juice and a touch of salt. Apply this paste to swelling when it's in warm or the area. This provides relief from swelling and pain also. You can also attempt applying lemon extract and the tamarind pulp to tone down the swelling.


Tamarind seeds may be used in the ayurvedic treatment of digestion and gastric issues. Seeds additionally work in cardio protection's activity.


Pulp acts such as a powerful agent for scurvy, which is a standard ingredient in reducing medications and blood sugar used. The pulp functions as a mild laxative which can enhances the overall sluggishness



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