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Jock itch / tinea cruris and home remedies to treat jock itch

home remnedies for jock itch


Jock itch is an uncomfortable and irritating itching affliction. It results from fungus and is seen both in women and men. This fungal infection impacts on many areas of the body like genital region, groin, inner thighs and buttocks.

The one who got changed via this fungus shows the symptoms redness, formation of skin flakes in burning sense and the affected region.

Jock itch is regarded as infectious, therefore it's recommended to not trade the private possessions of the individual that was affected. The low immune system in addition has been linked together with the growth of the jock itch, therefore it's majorly found on the list of AIDS, individuals changed. How there are home made treatments to treat this awkward issue.

Antibacterial soap

Purchase an excellent antibacterial soap in the medical shop and put it to use on the affected region to wash it. Eventually rinse off skin area and pat dry with the assistance of a dry and smooth material. The itching sense to cool down is made by repeating this measure for a few times in a day.

Salt water bath

Taking salt water bath often is an excellent solution to treat the trouble.
Salt helps you to fight with all the disease causing fungus. Just add adequate quantity in the water bath that is warm and stir it, soak your body and pat dry your skin. Attempt doing this procedure for 2 times per day. This is your wish to include the sort of salt, maybe it's epsom salt or bath salt.

Apple cider vinegar

Among the easy answers to take care of the jock itch is apple cider vinegar. Dilute the apple cider vinegar and use it over the skin region that is affected. It is not weak properties are understood to get relief from many skin problems!

Instead wash the affected using the diluted apple cider vinegar for two to three times daily, especially before hitting the bed.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is completely loaded with antifungal, anti bacterial and cleansing properties, which are essential to treat the disease also to fix the itching. Get a cotton cloth and dip it in the tea tree oil gradually apply the oil on the contaminated place for a lot of times per day. Continue before you see the decrease in the symptoms to do this procedure for few days. You might also attempt a soap or gel that contains tea tree oil as an alternative to using the tea tree oil straight to the affected region.

White vinegar

Have a cup of white vinegar and dilute it use this mixture to wash the affected region for two to three times per day.


Using the honey that is pure on the affected region helps you to cut back the issue. Honey contains inhibitory property, which is having the nature. Following the application and after that rinse off it creates dirty.



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