» » How to use baking soda for health and beauty?

How to use baking soda for health and beauty?

How to use baking soda for health and beauty

Health benefits of baking soda


Baking soda is among the safest and antacid that is powerful to provide relief from heartburn, sour stomach and indigestion issues.

Itchy skin

To cool down the skin from intense itchiness dab the powder to the place that is irritating, it's going to reduce the redness and itches. Along with it baking soda also can be utilized to take care of the insect bites. Keep the baking soda paste made to the contaminated region with powder and water and let it for several minutes.

Avoidance of skin from diseases

To get rid of the diseases which can be found in the body, then add quantity of baking as well as some drops to the water that is warm.

Nail treatment

To take away across the nails, dip a brush that is smooth and scrub it softly.

Removes bacteria

Baking soda is alkaline in nature, thus it's the qualities of removing bacteria and grime from your skin. It removes bacteria and fights with the acne resulting representatives.

Attractiveness advantages of Baking soda


Combine of baking soda and shake well. Swish it and spit. It reduces the plague and will take away the mouth odors, bacteria within the mouth.

Skin care

To create your skin clear and non-greasy, add half tbsp of baking soda up to the water when you are taking a bath. In addition, it neutralizes the acids within the body.

Feet care

To clean the feet and nourish it, dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in hot water and keep your feet in the water for a quarter-hour.

Natural deodorant

Using baking soda to the underarms will neutralize the body odor and works as an all-natural deodorant.


To take away the oiliness in the scalp add baking soda powder to your own normal shampoo and put it to use. The oiliness crosses.



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