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Health benefits of tamarind / imali

Health benefits of tamarind / imali

Tamarind is a green fruit with sour and sweet flavor. The definition of tamarind sends from Arabic word. The scientific name is tamarindus indica. Tamarind is chemical compounds abundant minerals, fiber and vitamins. It gives 100-120 calories of energy for 50 gms. Tamarind is not low in antioxidants with several health benefits. Tamarind can be used in a variety of types to avoid the well-being problems.

Tamarind can be used in pharmaceutical businesses to produce medications. The pulp can be used to make ointments rubber latex,. Tamarind can be used in jams, pickles, chutneys.

Advantages of tamarind

Advantage of Tamarind for blood pressure

Tamarind includes potassium in numbers that are enormous which really helps to modulate blood pressure and pulse speed.

Advantage of Tamarind for fat

Tamarind helps to reduce the cholesterol amount by the fiber within tamarind. The herbs present tend to be more advantageous to control the cholesterol that is poor.

Advantage of tamarind for diabetes

The carbs are inhibited by tamarind. Tamarind prevents the pancreas issues. It will help to balance the sugar amount in blood.

Advantage of tamarind for skin

Tamarind has anti oxidants and nutrients which can be favorable for skin. Tamarind helps to defeat in the wrinkles on skin, brings smoothness.

Advantage of tamarind for cancer

Tamarind includes antioxidants which help to prevents cancer. It includes tartaric acid which helps you to avoid skin cancer.

Advantage of tamarind for digestion

Tamarind includes fiber and vitamins that helps to cure digestion difficulties. It controls the intestinal areas for appropriate digestion.

Advantage of tamarind for heaps

Tamarind have more medicinal values it will help to restrains the well-being problems. Particularly the piles can be cured by us through the use of the tamarind flowers.



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