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Foods to eat for good thyroid health - vitamins and minerals for the thyroid health

foods for thyroid health

Thyroid is the gland within the neck. The thyroid functions for the body on the hormones. The thyroid is also make the body hormones and produces the hormones for the body function. The hormone TSH which controls the all hormones amounts in the body is produced by the thyroid. In the standard TSH is less than 4.5 for 20 u/ml.

There are minerals and the many vitamins keep the thyroid well-being good. The iodine is the leading compound for the thyroid well-being. This short article discovers minerals and the vitamins as well as the foods which include minerals and those vitamins.

Vitamins and minerals for Thyroid well-being

Iodine: This is the essential element for the thyroid well-being. The iodine helps you to create the T3, T4 hormones. Both of these hormones keep the function of the body correctly. Without adequate quantity iodine it cannot give the optimum effects.

Iodine rich foods: All the sea foods contain the iodine. A few are coming with iodine.

Selenium: The selenium is the mineral in the body it can help to modulate the T3 hormone in the body. The mineral is not bad for the iodine health.

Selenium rich foods: the selenium is contained by Animal livers. Mushrooms, nuts, seeds, tuna fish, shrimps and cod includes the selenium.

Omega -3 fatty acids: These omega 3 fatty acids help for the T3 and t4 appropriate function. It keep the rates of T3, T4 at amounts that are ordinary.

Omega 3 fatty acid rich foods: The sun flower oil, sun flower seeds includes this mineral. Fish and fish oil includes the omega 3 fatty acids.

Copper, iron and Zinc: these three minerals additionally very important to the thyroid well-being. They prolong the life span of the thyroid gland and save.

Foods with one of these mineral are nut seeds, fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. Oysters etc legumes, spinach, green peas, red meat, would be the iron rich foods. Dairy products almonds, chocolates, oysters, would be the zinc rich foods. Liver, oysters, nuts etc would be the copper foods that are rich.

Vitamin B and antioxidants: The antioxidants and vitamin B restrains the oxidative pressure on the thyroid gland. This oxidative stress breaks the thyroid functioning and may damage the thyroid cells.

Foods: Take the green leafy vegetables eggs, dairy products and citrus fruits include the antioxidants and vitamin B.



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