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Blood test to diagnose depression

Blood test to Diagnose Depression

Lately in a study conducted at Northwestern University from the Research Workers, who'd reported their findings want to develop an early identification of Melancholy by means of some blood tests.

In accordance with 32 patients, who'd recently been identified as having Melancholy during the known clinical procedures, the study conducted by the research workers there and 32 haphazard chosen people the clinical symptoms of melancholy were chosen. Their blood was collected as well as the samples were additional analyzer according to nine biomarkers, that have already been designated to be Depression mark.

According to these study the researchers weren't only in a position to diagnose the Melancholy patients, on the basis of the blood test results using the biomarkers, but were also in a position to analyze the changes of the mark over an interval of 18 weeks during which the patients received Cognitive behavioral Therapy.

The specialists in this field consider the clinical assessments which are being used on the patients are simple to diagnose the illness of Depression and very quick.

But this study might be of great help as it could help Clinicians and the people to know a person's mental state. Additionally this would also help know how the patient's prognosis is faring based on the Cognitive behavioral Treatments.

As this type of evaluations are a first in this area, as additionally maintained by the coauthor of the study ran in the Northwestern University, this may prove really useful to the clinicians as this might give a more clear knowledge of the consequence of the treatment on their patients.

Certainly this study will be followed farther for any other developments as it appears to be an excellent blessing.



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