» » Frequent urination in men and women: causes & treatments

Frequent urination in men and women: causes & treatments

Frequent Urination in Men and Women: Causes & Treatments

Regular urination, as you may have comprehended by its own name, is an urge to pass urine more frequently than you normally need to. In medical world, the name of Polyuria knows regular urgent urination. It could also result in sleep disorder and is not comfortable. However, what's stressing is that regular urination could be a symptom of some underlying medical condition that could need appropriate and immediate treatment. Usually someone must visit the bathroom for urination everywhere between 4-8 times over the course of the day. In the event you must choose urination more than 8 times per day or need to get up multiple times during the night, there could be two possibilities – either you're drinking an excessive amount of water (or too close to your own bedtime) or there's something incorrect in your quality of life state. The inquiry arises, what causes frequent urination! Lets find out.

Reasons for Frequent Urination

Urination is a procedure that is complicated. It includes various kinds of muscle groups and muscles. In addition, it affects the nerves within spinal column and brain not to mention close to the bladder. So, it's very possible that regular urination may be a symptom of numerous ailments.

A few of the most popular reasons for frequent urination are the following:

  • Stress
  • Stroke along with certain other states associated with brain and nervous system
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney infection
  • Bladder stones
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation of the bladder wall called Interstitial cystitis
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Prostate troubles
  • Specific medications like diuretics

Some less common regular urination causes range from the following:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Bladder cancer
  • Bladder dysfunction

In this essay, we'd confine to all those causes of frequent urination that are as a result of faulty day to day lifestyle or body states like tension, constipation, anxiety, and common causes that are such as diabetes and pregnancy. Well see what measures could be taken to get rid of the inherent reasons for regular urination and precisely what treatments may be embraced to take care of the outward symptoms of frequent urination together with these illnesses are related to frequent urination. But before that, lets have an insight to the illness of regular urination in women and men!

Frequent Urination in Men

Regular urination in men is a typical issue, particularly in elderly guys. Here are a few facts regarding regular urination in men:

  • Regular urination in men might or might not accompany burning and pain sensation. The one without pain can be even a symptom of diabetes or a complication of certain drugs!
  • There are definite states where specific symptoms are present as there's nothing to be concerned about, that shouldn't be taken intently. As an example, it's not unusual in guys to truly have a small leakage at the conclusion of the stream called the post-micturition dribble. It's by no means an abnormality.
  • A few of the reasons for frequent urination in men include prostate issues, kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Regular urination is among the serious symptoms of each one of these disorders.
  • Regular painful urination accompanied by burning sense could be an indicator of one among many medical conditions prostate trouble, like urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted disease or kidney stones!
  • In all such states, guys should promptly get in touch with a health care provider and get diagnosed for the precise underlying reason for frequent urination to get the appropriate treatment.
  • This could be an indicator of urethritis if regular urination, along with pain, can also be accompanied by means of a discharge from your member. Most of the instances of urethritis are due to sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia or gonorrhea!

Frequent Urination in Girls

Your bladder will fill up quicker when your kidneys make lots of pee and therefore, you could have an urge to visit the bathroom often. Yet, just a bit of urine may be passed for urinating, as compared to the tremendous pressure you felt. In this case:

  • Even as well as in some girls that are old, an urge to urinate often may happen. That is because of the weakness of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Such women should consult with physician for treatment of this type of illness.
  • This could be pelvic disease or a kidney if along with burning sense, you experience temperature and chill. You need to promptly consult with your physician.
  • The cause for frequent urination may be urinary tract infection or bladder infection in the event that you are not pregnant. In this instance, you may even feel discomfort in your lower pelvic region as well as a burning sensation while passing urine. You may have an urge to attend urinate soon after leaving the bathroom.
  • You might be pregnant. Regular urination in pregnancy is standard that puts pressure

You pass just a bit quantity of pee each single time you visit the toilet although the aforementioned conditions are present if you really have an urge for regular urination. On the flip side, you can pass lots of pee on each occasion of your visit to toilet after the urge to urinate often.

  • But if you're not drinking excessive fluids and passing a tons of pee, there could be particular health conditions which may be the reasons for regular urination by you. For instance, you might be experiencing diabetes mellitus.
  • In the event of diabetes mellitus, you've got elevated quantities of sugars in your blood. Your kidneys excrete this excessive blood sugar into the urine. This sugar in turn, draws on a lot of water from the body through the kidneys which in turn makes your pee up. Therefore, in case you become aware of specific other apparent symptoms of diabetes including gaining feeling thirsty constantly or losing weight with no reason, blurred vision, tiredness etc. You need to talk with your physician and check out for those who have developed diabetes mellitus.
  • Other frequent urination, than diabetes mellitus may also happen as a result of high calcium level in kidney disease, diabetes insipidus and the blood. These reasons for regular urination, really, are not unusual for men, women and both. Consult with your physician and get the appropriate treatment to treat your regular urination.
  • As you might be drinking a lot of water or alternative fluids, in this case, your kidneys are making lots of pee. By removing the excess water your kidneys are doing their regular job. There's nothing to be worried about in this case. In case your lifestyle is being hampered by your regular urination craving, make an effort to scale back in your fluid consumption.

Frequent Urination at Night

When you often have to get up so that you can urinate during the night and visit the bathroom, it's known as nocturia. Generally, the quantity of urine made at night by our body falls in order that people might sleep without getting the urge to urinate.

Just how much is considered an excessive amount of urination during the night?

  • Should you sleep in a stretch for 6-8 hours without waking up to visit urinate, this can be a perfect scenario.
  • That's also thought to be standard should you visit urinate every night.
  • But should you urinate than that at nighttime, maybe you are experiencing daytime tiredness.
  • In the event you get up 5-6 times during the night to visit the toilet, you happen to be experiencing severe nocturia. This could make your own life hard as you might not have the ability to work or concentrate throughout the day only because of insufficient sleep during the night and interrupts your sleep cycles!

Reasons for Frequent Urination

Frequent urination at night or nocturia is commonly regarded as a symptom of other health conditions.

Some of such medical conditions are as following:

  • Diuretic drugs
  • Urological disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Enlarged prostate gland or tumour in the prostate
  • Drinking an excessive amount of fluid close to bedtime
  • Poorly managed diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus
  • Frequent urination may be caused by bladder prolapse. It's when the bladder bulges onto the front wall of a womans vagina. That is because of the weakness of vaginal walls, usually due to persistent or after childbirth straining!
  • Issue is controlled by sphincter. A sphincter is a cylindrical muscle that loosens to run specific bodily functions and constricts. Illness in urethral sphincters that restrain the departure of urine in the urinary bladder through the urethra can cause frequent urination during the night.
  • Frequent urination during the night may be a symptom of sleep apnea
  • Having beverages containing caffeine or alcohol after dinner
  • Tumour in the bladder
  • Frequent urination at night can also be not unusual in such people that have problems with liver failure or heart failure.

Frequent Urination in Old Individuals during the Night

Frequent urination at night or nocturia becomes common as an individual gets old. Reasons for regular urination during the night in old guys may be summed up as following:

  • Medical issues overly improve with age. These medical problems have an effect on a man as well as the bladder begins suffering from nocturia.
  • The holding capacity of bladder additionally falls!
  • Human body often creates an antidiuretic hormone that makes the body effective at retaining fluid inside itself. Yet, as we age, generation of the hormone decreases and so the craving to pee at night gets extreme day after day.

To counter the issue of frequent urination during the night,

  • Drink less water as well as other fluids in the evening and more significantly close to your own bed time.
  • Don't have alcohol and caffeine close to your own sleeping time.
  • Maintain a diary to notice just how much urine can you pass, and just how much fluid you drink, just how many times you urinate. This may allow you to rule the quantity of fluid consumption out as the cause behind your regular urination during the night and you will consult with physician to be aware of the specific cause.

Stress Regular Urination

Can stress cause frequent urination? Yes, it does! Actually, there are just two kinds of stress urination. One is immediate urination which happens when there's panic that is entire. It's, actually, a typical symptom of serious phobias or anxieties. Therefore, when you see a film where the villain is shown to urinate as the hero points a firearm at him, don't consider it as a theory that is fake. It's not unreal! The end result is immediate stress urination in case you get frightened to that particular degree. But here we're referring to the next kind of stress urination, in other words, regular urination as a result of stress. Lets talk about its causes.

Reasons for Stress Regular Urination

Stress may frequently result in feelings of anxiety. And can anxiety cause frequent urination? Yes, among the signals of tension leading to additional pressure is regular urination. Causes could be under.

  • Changes in Body Chemistry – When you're worried or distressed, all your functions that are bodily transform. You finds it almost impossible to digest food plus it also alters how nutrients are processed by it. This can result in drawing more water from the body out
  • Fight or Flight Strategy – Your body was adapted to react to any situation that is stressful When you're stressed or if you are scared, the body prepares itself to fight the problem off by fluid tremendous energy during the body or it prepares one to flee by making the body competent to do this. Urination is among the ways it embraces that prepares the body. By passing urine more frequently, it strives to maintain your body lighter readily when the scenario demands so you could flee.
  • Muscle Tension – the muscles of your body become tensed When you experience stress. This builds pressure in your bladder and so you feel the urge to urinate. The muscles wouldn't relax in the event you stay concerned for longer time as well as the pressure will be there on your bladder ultimately causing stress regular urination.

Ideas to Fight Stress to Eliminate Frequent Urination

The lone way to eliminate anxiety regular urination that is associated would be to reduce your stress. Here are a few ideas to fight off the resultant pressure along with your nervousness.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Make an effort to loosen muscle tissue, particularly the abdominal muscles at any time you feel stressed.

Do this:
  • Repeat the procedure using another foot.
  • Equilibrium yourself correctly against both of your legs.
  • Work face, feet thighs, abdomen, torso, neck and eventually your body upwards. Continue one in a time, with every one of your body muscle.
  • It will help in relaxing your body.
  • Stressed the muscle of your foot of one. Try this as difficult as possible. Be in this place for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Stand up right.
  • Now discharge the muscles.

Generally, you need to alter your diet plan and lifestyle to ensure you may not experience stress.

  • Pursue hobbies.
  • Sleep enough and correctly
  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Reduce consumption of caffeine and booze
  • Diet and Lifestyle Changes
  • Exercise often. It can be as easy as walking for 30-40 minutes a day.
  • Learn something new that you're considering
  • Practice meditation
  • Breathe. Practice deep breathing for few minutes 2-3 times a day. Subsequently see it converting right into a custom slowly.

Keep in touch with family members and friends. Write them in a diary in the event you cant express feelings readily!

Make an effort to understand the variables that activate anxiety in you. As soon as you identify them, either face them in ordered style or prevent such causes.

Speak with your physician if all the aforementioned treatments don't treat your stress or stress associated urination.

Constipation and Frequent Urination

Bladder functionality and bowel movement are two tasks that are different. So, can cause frequent urination?

To get the response, you must know that there exists a close relationship involving nerves and the muscles that regulate bladder functions as well as the ones that control bowel movements. Additionally, both – the colon as well as bladder – are set in a body close to every other. Lots of fecal matter is there in the colon, if an individual suffers from constipation, which could put pressure on the bladder at the same time. This may then result in various bladder problems. For instance, bladder might not fill just as much as it should or the bladder begins when it's not likely to contract, contracting. Occasionally, the bladder wouldn't get emptied correctly. As an outcome of all these, there can happen such issues as nighttime wetting daytime wetting as well as vesicoureteral reflux and urinary tract infections. Vesicoureteral reflux means backward flow of urine from your bladder to the kidneys that could give rise.

Now it is possible to declare that as constipation may lead in developing kidney disease or urinary tract infection, it can in fact cause frequent urination also because regular urination is one of kidney diseases along with of the outward symptoms of urinary infection.

Eating maintaining your colon clean and fiber rich diet are a number of the treatments you can embrace to help keep constipation away. In case your regular urination is a result of constipation associated disorders, you should speak with your physician to understand what's happening in the human body and the way you may get cleared of constipation together with frequent urination.

Back Pain and Frequent Urination

What's the relationship between back pain and regular urination? Frequent urination can be caused by neither back pain nor regular urination results in back pain! So, whats the connection? Back frequent urination and pain can happen together appearing out of an ailment that is common! What disorders?

Kidney Issues

Kidneys are in the low back. Kidneys filter the blood to throw the waste products out through pee. Issues which impact your kidneys may cause regular urination along with lower back pain. For bladder stones, pyelonephritis kidney infection, kidney stones, or instance, these all can cause back pain together with frequent urination. Kidney pain is in fact the sharp pain occurring in the rear between the buttock as well as the bottom rib.

Prostate gland inflammation

The indications of prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland contain back pain and frequent urination as well as influenza-like symptoms including temperature. Lower back pain, in such situations, can travel to provide you with pain in the crotch region also.


We'd previously understood that pregnancy is among the more important reasons for frequent urination in women. Pregnancy may lead to lower back pain at the same time. While the increasing size of uterus puts pressure on the bladder as the fetus develops, its increasing size leads to lower back pain and puts pressure on the rear.

A few of the other common reasons for frequent urination and back pain include pelvic growth or tumour, ovarian cysts, overactive bladder and bladder cancer.

So that you can understand what's causing your back pain and frequent urination collectively you should see your physician. On the basis of the analysis simply, it is possible to be treated for both states. For immediate alleviation however, it is possible to scale back before the time that your bed time, particularly in your fluid consumption to ensure you eliminate frequent urination during the night. To alleviate back pain, it is possible to rest and use ice or heat pack. Nevertheless, its first to confer with your physician to be aware of the underlying reasons for back and frequent urination pain to ensure nothing leads in your quality of life state.



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