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Tips, ideas and tricks to cover the grey hair

For all those people that are out of bay gray hair is an issue that is common. In other instances, in addition, there are folks who got changed with gray hair within their tender age. Here are a few treatments to take care of the gray hair that's come together with the age as well as the early gray hair.

Dye your own hair

The easy and very best way to cover your gray hair is by dyeing it. Choose the colour of your choice in the marketplace and use it. But keep a point the dye should never contain ammonia inside. It makes harm to your own own hair and is a bleaching agent. Also remember in regards to the colour you're deciding, choose the one which one is drifting in the trend and which satisfies for your skin tone.

Henna packs

That is chanting the names to your own grey hair.

The best way to make

Prepare a paste formed out three table spoons of amla powder of three TBS of henna powder, one tbsp of coffee powder and adequate quantity of water. Distribute the bunch in your own hair and leave it until it becomes dry after a light shampoo is rinsed off using by that. This bunch makes the hair soft and glossy and covers your gray hair.

Curry leaves treatment

Curry leaves works wonderful, to treat the early grey hair. Have some and boil them in addition. Now sift the oil and shop in a glass jar. Use it as your day-to-day oil after few months, and notice the changes.

Coconut oil and lemon extract treatment


  • Coconut oil
  • Lemon juice

The best way to make

Have a half cup and blend it with three table spoons. Combine them both and apply it to the whole hair span also over the hair origins, scalp. Leave then wash it away using a light shampoo and the oil for an hour or so to your own own hair.

Follow this simple home remedy for 2 times weekly, it's going to give you noticeable changes of hair that is glossy and black.

Ribbed gourd treatment

Attempt the ribbed gourd home made treatment to bring back the pigmentation in the hair that is grey. Take a gourd that is ribbed and make into little bits, dry these bits beneath sunlight to get two or a day. You must add the pieces and needs to be left to soak these in the oil. Boil the oil with all the vegetable bits until it turns in to black in color. Apply this oil mixture into hair and scalp and massage it for few minutes.

Sage water treatment

Based on ayurveda, sage leaves have successful working activity on hair that is gray. It restores the natural colour of the hair and prevents the growth of gray hair.

The best way to make

Get the handful and pour them boil the water and cool it. Pour . After hair is washed by two hours with light shampoo. This treatment offer considerable consequences with in only few months.



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