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Kunkudukai / kunkudkaya / soap nuts for hair care

Kunkudukai Kunkudkaya Soap nuts for hair care


is popular as an all-natural choice to shampoo in southern area of India. It's well known by different names like Kunkudukaya, Ritha, Reetha, Aritha (in Hindi) or Anthwaal (Kannada).

What's soap nut?

Soap nuts really are a type of fruit that grows on a moderate sized deciduous tree. The ripen fruits can be purchased in the marketplace as aritha. It's a soapy feel and can be used to make detergents, shampoos and soaps for washing hands. These fruits are naturally anti fungal, are extremely mild on your skin and antibacterial.

Uses of Kunkudukai / Kunkudkaya / Soap nuts

Kunkudukaican be used as the key ingredient in soaps and shampoos for washing hair. It's known as great for hair's well-being.

  • The jewellers in India use this plant to brighten the decorations made from precious metals like gold, silver, etc.
  • This herb is, in addition, used within treating epilepsy, migraine and choruses.
  • Kunkudkaya has the insecticidal properties which assist in removing lice in the entire scalp.
  • The herb can also be utilized in in enhancing cardamoms' flavour and colour as well as washing they.
  • It's also among the herbs which can be useful for treatment of polluted earth.

Advantages of soap nuts for hair

  • There are many shampoos which are enriched with conventional herbal fixing Kunkudukai. It makes the hair soft and healthy and cleans the hair softly.
  • Soap nuts or aritha is an all-natural shampoo
  • It significantly reduces the dropping of hair.
  • It gives conditioning and appropriate nourishment to the hair and scalp.
  • They leave the hair softer and shinier after the wash.
  • There's minimal tangling of hair following wash. The hair becomes readily manageable.
  • Soap nuts are totally natural and non-noxious.
  • Soap insane state the hair and encourage hair development
  • It can help in treating dandruff and scalp diseases.

The best way to make reetha/ Kunkudukai shampoo?

Soap nuts can be found in the marketplace and online at the same time. Soak 100 gs of soap nuts in a iron container overnight. This gives additional black glow to the hair. The mixture also can be boiled for quite a while to make it concentrated. Sift the mixture and use this as a shampoo. It used anytime and can be kept in a air-tight container.

Soapnut powder also can be properly used by soaking the powder -15 minutes. This paste may be applied on the hair and left for about an hour or so before washing

Other Shampoos and Soap nuts

It's more easy to wash hair with shampoo On the other hand with some extra time will be required by aritha. Additionally, it requires time to organize the wash. Soap nuts are irritating to the eyes whereas shampoos are not intense. Shampoos include substances which damage the hair. Aritha has all treatment and is soothing. It encouraged growth and rejuvenates the blood cells. In addition, it helps in curing the dandruff difficulty.

Recipe of Home Made richshampoo byusing the very best of natural ingredients


  • Kunkudukai/Reetha may be the best broker for cleansing the hair
  • Shikakai nourishes the hair in the points tothe roots.
  • Sesame seedsrejuvenate the blood cells and encourage hair development.
  • Amla makes the hair powerful
  • Fenugreek seeds aid in cooling the entire scalp.
  • Aloevera pulp helps in softening the hair
  • Lemon helps in clearing the dandruff in the entire scalp

System--gather all of the fixings in equivalent amounts. Take away of shikakai and kunkudukai. Leave most of the fixings in sunlight to dry. Make apowder. Keep it. Soak the powder about four hours before shampoo. , add lemon juice and put it to use like a shampoo.

Decision- It has gotten very hard in today's age to make use of these hair wash. There's no time or energy to do the groundwork. Hats- off which took care and took interest and faithful time for the groundwork. A contemporary mother will favor her daughter's hair cut short. However, I urge that these treatments must attempt and see the difference.



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