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How to treat split ends naturally at home


Home-hair-treatment-for-split-endsSplit ends are a standard issue faced by the majority of girls of any age. Split ends tend to be more prevalent in girls with hair that is dry as well as long. Split ends happen when the hair roots become dry andlose their protective outer layer. Though theprimary cause is too much washing and improper attention unpleasant combing,. Not enough water and appropriate nutrients also can cause split ends. Occasionally split ends can also be as a result of exposure to harsh winds and hot, dry climate. However, the treatment for split ends is there!

Natural home cures to take care of split ends

  • Egg Mask the fatty acid and protein content in eggs help take care of split ends. Eggs help make the hair smooth and to fortify hair roots and shield them. Whisk olive oil as well as an egg yolk and mix honey to create a hair mask. Put on the paste. Wash after thirty minutes and shampoo the hair using a gentle shampoo...
  • Hot Oil Deep Conditioner helps to control split ends by restoring the wetness of the hair. Routine deep conditioning may be achieved by massaging the hair with olive oil, warm castor oil, coconut oil or almond oil. Shampoo the hair. Sandalwood or Rosemary essential oils may be added for better results to the base oil.
  • Beer is a fantastic conditioner that provides protein and sugar to the hair folliclesto prevent split ends. Spray beer on wet hair. It's not required to rinse the hair as the odor of beer vanishes when the hair becomes dry.
  • Bananas help to recover the lost elasticity preventing hair from breaking. In addition they keep the hair damp and soft. The natural oils, Vitamin A, C &E,iron, potassium and zinc are useful in preserving the hair's wellness. Create a hair mask by combining rose water, lemon juice and yogurt together and mashing a banana. Apply this paste on wash and the hair after an hour or so.
  • Avocado is loaded with several nutrients like proteins, folic acid, fatty acids and vitamins which excite the development of hair by nourishing them. Mash an avocado and mix coconut oil as well as olive oil to produce a spread of creamy consistency. Apply on the hair and leave it for 30 minutes before shampooing and washing.
  • Mayo is a fantastic treatment for damaged hair. It provides a glossy appearance to the tresses, and nourishes the hair, prevents split ends. Apply mayo and leave it. Shampoo the hair to wash the paste, but the scent of mayo can continue for a few days.
  • Papaya really helps to nourish the hair and reduce split ends with the assistance of the protein content inside. Prepare a mixture that is smooth by combining yogurt and papaya spread . Apply on shampoo and the hair after 30 minutes.
  • Honey is exceptionally valuable for dry and damaged hair that isprone to carving. Honey additionally functions as an all-natural moisturizer and conditioner to help make the hair glossy and soft. Rinse the hair after shampooing using a combination of honey and hot water. Leave it for a while after which rinse the hair.
  • Milk and Cream are perfect agents to supply moisture to the hair. This wetness keeps the hair healthy and smooth and prevents split ends. The development and repair supports. Combine cream and whole milk and apply on the hair. Leave it for 20 minutes before shampooing and washing the hair.
  • Aloe Vera acts as an excellent moisturizer for damaged hair that's prone to split ends. It encourages hair development and also prevents baldness. Just massage the gel of aloe Vera that is fresh leaves to the entire scalp. Shampoo the hair after half an hour.

Ideas to avoid split ends

  • Never use hair styling tools that need heat.
  • Blow drying and straightening with heating equipment should be averted.
  • Rubbing and unpleasant brushing should be avoided.
  • Protect the hair from the harsh rays of sunlight.
  • Add protein rich foods such as legumes, milk goods, poultry and milk in the day-to-day diet.



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