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Best home remedies to treat dull & damaged hair

best home remedies to treat dull & damaged hair

Damaged hair, which comes easy through many manners such as pollution in the surroundings, substances in the hair products as well as the significant use of hair tools, however do not go off that much straightforward that it comes. A great consideration and natural treatments can treat your hair that is damaged. Below are a few home remedies you can follow to get the damage-free hair.

Natural home remedies to treat damaged hair

Attempt hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatment is considered among the most effective treatments to deal with your damaged, greasy and dry hair. It may be created by you with in only few minutes. Take half cup of coconut oil and warm it for few minutes. Allow it to come to warm temperature, then use on your hair origins, scalp and particularly on the damaged part. Leave it for two or one hour after which follow your regular rinsing process. You can add few drops of your chosen essential oil when the coconut oil is boiling to catch the great smell.

Honey and milk

Honey and milk mixture may help the hair which is damaged. Use milk cream if your own hair is rough and go with skimmed milk in case you've fine hair.

Take two cups of whole milk and boil it for a few minutes, to the hot milk add two TBS of honey and stir it well until it melted flawlessly. Apply this honey milk mixture in your own hair concentrating on hair strands. It's possible for you to leave this mixture in your own hair. Now rinse off with plain water and shampoo.

Those who use low-fat milk to create this mix may add a tbsp of flour to allow it to be a bit thick.

Banana and olive oil hair mask

To treat the hair which got damaged by the environmental pollution, chemicals in the hair products as well as the hair tools like flat irons and curling irons it is possible to apply this banana and olive oil hair mask to provide a fresh life to the dry and damaged hair.

Have a moderate sized banana and lose it in to a blender as well as the inclusion of one tbsp olive oil. Combine it perfect to get the paste that is smooth, be sure that the banana paste does not have any balls. Lumps wastes your time and may adhere in the hair. Independent your hair into number of sections and dab this mixture. Hold in your face for 30 to 40 minutes and after that rinse off using a light shampoo followed with conditioning.

The abundant level of amino acid tryptophan in banana helps to create the hair stronger, where as the potassium mineral modulates the pH value of the hair.

Avocado as well as olive oil

Take an avocado and mash it to form just like a paste, add this paste two TBS of olive oil and blend well. Apply this mixture in your own hair beginning in the base. When you are applying the mixture, concentrate more to the damaged space preventing the scalp and first two inches of hair in the entire scalp. Allow the mixture sit about 20 to half an hour and after that wash off along with your regular shampoo. The moisturizing properties of avocado helps to treat your damaged hair well.



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