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Winter face packs with multani mitti


Due to dry skin, individuals can also see the growth of whiteheads and black heads over the two sides of nose. These two sides your skin will make you look ugly during winter season. You can use multani mitti that acts as a natural scrub. This is a natural way of bringing dead skin out from your skin layer. You can easily make a scrubber, face pack or that of a mask with the help of multani mitti.

Popular natural face packs with Multani mitti

Multani mitti and honey

The ingredients that you require include: Rose water- 2 teaspoon, Multani mitti - 1 table spoon, honey- one tea spoon. Take all these ingredients and make a thick paste out of it. You need to wash your face with a good face wash and then apply face pack. If you have any type of skin allergies, it will be good to use medicated soap before the face pack is applied. If you want to make this paste both scrub as well as face pack, first off all rub the pack with your finger tips near your nose and around your cheeks and forehead in a circular motion. Do this massage for around 10 minutes and keep the pack on your face for a period of 20 minutes. Now wash the face pack with multani mitti.

Multani mitti for winter skin

Multani mitti can be used in all the seasons throughout the year. Now we will quote a remedy for dry skin with the help of multani mitti. The ingredients that you will require include, two to 3 teaspoon of multani mitti, 1 teaspoon of graded cucumber, 1 teaspoon of curd, same quantity of graded tomato and few spoons of milk to make the paste. You need to mix all these ingredients well and then apply it over your face. This face packs made up of multani mitti is very effective for dry skin when winter arrives. You need to apply this pack over your face, keep it for a period of 10 minutes and wash away.

People with oily skin might have acne and pimples even during winter season. This will kill bacteria from your face and make you look very fresh and beautiful. It also have essential mineral from nature which helps in making it very popular with regards to skin health. Apart from drying out excess oil from your skin, this will also help hydrating skin when it becomes very dry especially during winter climate.

If you don't have time to make multani mitti face packs at home, there is variety of such face packs available in the market. Let us have a look of some such face packs with their utility.

Popular multani mitti face packs for winter skin

Patanjali Multani mitti face packs

Since it is a Patanjali product headed by Baba Ramdev, you must be very assured about its value and harmless effect. This organization only uses natural extracts to make their various products. Thus, you don't need to worry about any side effects which can be available in other products in the market. This is a unique blend of clay and minerals for bringing out youthful glow on your skin. Your blood circulation will be improved with Giarika. Your skin impurities will be removed deeply from inside through multani mitti. The face pack also contains Aloe Vera which will keep your skin soft and smooth. The process of rejuvenation, nourishment and repair can be effectively done through the minerals like magnesium, zinc oxide as well as aluminum.

The Nature's co fuller earth face pack

The main constituent of this face pack is multani mitti or fuller earth. The very known and popular manufacturer, Nature's has made this product. Thus, you don't need to worry about its authenticity. Excess oil from your skin will be removed after using this product. Toxins inside your skin layer may also have adverse effect on your face. This face pack also works well in removing toxins from your body entirely. Without using cosmetic products, you can easily gain natural glow on your face. Other constituent of this face pack include vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E, Pro- vitamin B5, Vitamin E.

Forest essentials Multani mitti facial Ubtan

During the winter months, if your skin is getting extremely dull and glow less, Forest essential multani mitti facial can do wonder. It will clean your face deeply from inside with the application of tightening skin pores and make your skin well refreshed. Ubtan is a Hindi word used for multani mitti. You will stay very beautiful and get a wonderful facial glow once you have applied this multani mitti facial pack. If your skin tone is found to be uneven and you wish to make it even, multani mitti face pack will work quite well. Dead skin cells can be easily repaired with this multani mitti face pack.

Shagun gold multani mitti with orange peel powder

Here you can get a wonderful combination of multani mitti along with orange peel which can make you stay free from dead skin during winter season. It will also remove acne and blemishes from your skin totally. Your skin will stay far away from all types of dirt and impurities and stay hydrated always. You will neither feel very dry due to orange peel nor feel oily due to multani mitti powder. It is also been proved that, this powder is very free from all types of side effects. You can also get healing against inflammation after using this multani mitti beauty face pack. It is for all skin types. Thus, you can refer this to your friends as well.



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