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How to use multani mitti for oily skin - face packs

Benefits of multani mitti for oily skin

Multani mitti being exceptionally rich in natural mineral content can perhaps act as a wonder component on the skin that is greasy. It will not only consume the excess oil from your skin but can also be able to offer several great skin advantages that will help any fatty skinned attractiveness to get the perfect skin. The advantages of multani mitti that are ideally appreciated by the fatty skinned girls comprise

Few say it is not bad to possess fatty to appear fresh and youthful for ever but the people who have greasy skin face many difficulties like acne, pimples and another issues that are fundamental. The individual trying to hold with makeup is even irked by it.
To all the preceding problems multani mitti will be able to help you a whole lot. Its magic is certainly offered by Multani mitti in bringing the brand new narrative of luminescence to the skin that is greasy individuals.

Using multani mitti for greasy skin in the house

This is a wise decision for those who tends to use treatments that are natural for skin. The magic lies behind the exact use, if it's used suitably it's not less than any attractiveness living room facial masks. Inclusion to the skin advantages, it saves your pocket also using its low pricing. There are two types of multani mitti accessible - Stone type and powder type. Decide on the one it depending on your own option.

Here are the measures to be followed so as to organize the multani mitti face pack in the house.


  • Multani mitti
  • Tomato juice
  • Lemon extract
  • Oatmeal powder
  • Rose water

Get three TBS of multani mitti and add it one tbsp of lemon extract, one tbsp of one tomato juice and half tbsp of rose water and oat meal powder to the consistency degree. Combine them all and keep a side. Wash your face with soap- clean water and less face wash. Put on the paste on the facial skin and neck. Leave it for as much as 20 minutes and after that rinse off with water. To get a glowing luminescence also to balance the oil amounts, it's a great face pack.

Remove oil with Multani mitti & honey face pack


  • Multani mitti
  • Honey
  • Rose water

Take two tbsps one tbsp of honey, few globules. Combine together and apply on the facial skin. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes and after that wash off with water and pat. Utilize this pack also to rejuvenate skin and to get rid of additional oil from your skin.

Greasy skin care with Multani mitti & curd face pack


  • Multani mitti
  • Curd
  • Lemon

Prepare a paste with two tbsps of multani mitti, curd and one tbsp of lemon juice. Dab on it and relax yourself. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to eventually become dry, next swipe your face water dunked cotton ball. It adds a unique glow to your own skin.

Multani mitti & papaya face pack to take care of greasy skin


  • Papaya paste
  • Multani mitti
  • Honey

Papaya is a fantastic supply of vitamins A, C and antioxidants. The face pack will offers you radiant skin if it is added using the fixings honey and multani mitti. Mash the papaya and get two tbsps of spread to this paste add same number and one TBS of honey. Dab the face that is clean and let it operate for 20 minutes. Rinse off with water and get results that are radiant. This natural pack will free you from skin that is greasy.

Skin tightening

Multanimitti gets the ability to tighten skin. It could efficiently function to tone up your skin, giving a smooth look to it. Get an egg and combine it with 2 tablespoons. If desired add several globules of rose water to the mixture to produce a thinner consistency. Apply this pack and neck, leave on till it gets 70% dry and after that wash off with water that is ordinary. This pack could work as a magic to heal wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin lightening

This is pack that is greatest to get rid of lighten it & greasy skin. Multani mitti can also be known for the' ability to lighten skin tone with routine use. Blend . You may also choose skimmed milk for those who have really oily skin. Apply this pack to your own face and neck within an upward way. Allow it to set for 20 minutes and after that wash off with water that is ordinary. This straightforward multani mitti pack will give you lighter and also skin tone.


Tanning is an enormous problem for fatty skinned girls. Using easy face pack can enable them to remove the sun's harmful impacts. Grate some potato and squeeze the juice out. Combine and put on the pack on your face. This can be an extremely powerful fix for suntan removal & oil

Reduces scar marks

Scars in the areas that were unwanted are never welcomed. With routine usage it is possible to get forever rid of another element of the body or the scar marks in your face. Add several globules of papaya juice and lemon juice and rub the pack on the scar minutes. Leave on for another 15 minutes and wash off. Duplicate daily.

Fights skin diseases

Fatty skinned girls are prone to skin diseases. Multani mitti can be extremely useful to command any moderate skin diseases and has antibacterial properties. Create a paste of carrot pulp and multani mitti. Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in this mixture and put on the pack to your own face and neck. Wait until it gets 70% dry and after that wash off with water that is clean. This pack may not be ineffective to reduce any type of skin disease.

Removes black heads & white heads

Monochrome heads are another common issue for skin that is greasy. Multani mitti has got the ability to get rid of them without damaging your skin. Grind 3-4 almonds and add them with multani mitti along with a little common salt. Rub the skin off with this particular mixture, concentrating especially on the regions where you've white heads or black. After rubbing leave it on for 5 minutes and after that wash off with water. It's possible for you to utilize this pack right after washing your face with warm water!

Softens skin

Add 4-5 drops of sandalwood oil with 1 tbsp. Create a smooth paste with the addition of rose water or plain water. Apply this pack and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. This pack will give you smooth and immediately soft skin.

Clears off dead skin

Multani mitti can be efficiently utilized as a scrubber. Add one spoonful and few drops of lemon juice with 1 tbsp. Put in a small water to create a paste and rub on your skin with this particular wrap. Leave it on for 5 minutes and wash off. This could act as a powerful body scrub at the same time.

Recovers skin

Multani mitti has skin healing effects and skin soothing. Simply mixture 1 tbsp of multani mitti with 2 spoonfuls of water and cucumber extract to produce a paste. Put on the pack on your own face, leave on for a quarter hour and after that wash off with plain water to remove light rash or any skin discomfort.



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