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How to use a eyelash curler? Best eyelash curlers available in the market


What's an eyelash curler?

An eyelash curler is for curling the eyelashes, a hand operated device. It's an excellent make up tool which provides the result of glowing and large eyes. It provides a well defined contour like giving a heavier look, if used in various systems. It may be utilized with no unique training that was professional. It's an affordable little clothing that can be taken everywhere. There are self- eyelash curlers used in the industry.

The best way to make use of an eyelash curler?

Eyelash curler may be used or without warming it Best and longer results can be accomplished after warming it using the eyelash curler. This is a generally a metallic tool having band that holds the eyelashes between the eyelash. Usually the eyelash curler curls just the upper lashes. The curler is held before the lashes just like a scissor. The curler's ends are semicircular as well as the eye lashes go involving the bands. Andkept is subsequently shut. The procedure will be duplicated on another eye. So that you can get thick lashes follow it up with mascara.

Seven measures for utilizing the eyelash curler

  1. Clean all the make-up in the eye lashes with a makeup remover to get the most effective results.
  2. Warm the curler with the assistance . There are self-warming curlers too.
  3. Line up the curler that is warm together with the base and hold for 10-30 seconds.
  4. The lashes become more curly if the curlers are held for an extended time.
  5. It is dangerous to pull the curler as it may pull the eyelashes outside.
  6. Placing of the mascara is a popular misconception. The eyelashes will clump and stick to the curler that may damage them.
  7. Give sometime before applying mascara to dry after which let some additional time

The eyelashes can add glamor to the appearances and can be wonderful.

Some popular eyelash curlers in India

  • Vega Eyelash Curle

shiseido eyelash curler

It's the standard eyelash curler in the first place. The rubber band on it's not hard . This is a low-cost, easy, no bustle curler that offers an adequate curl to the lashes and is easy to work with.

  • Vega Premium Eye lash curler


Curler has a plastic handle that provides an improved hold. It functions likewise like the curler that is essential.

  • Fundamental are euro eyelash curler


It's contoured handles allowing the fingers to slip about. It comes with a contour layout that fits to the lashes. Its best edge is the fact that it is provided with an additional set. It gives a look that is good

  • Konad eyelash curler


It comes in a white plastic as well as a pink packaging handle. Its strong mechanism adds the eyes and dams . It includes yet another pad

  • Faces eyelash curler


From the beauty's secure business Confronts has a plastic handle for better hold plus you extreme and provides it includes an additional rubber pad. It is readily available on the internet also and is accessible in most Faces shops.

  • Color bar Showstopper eyelash curler


It comes in a vibrant pink and black mix. The standard band of rubber that's located in curlers is replaced in this , colorbar eyelash curler that was authentic to its name. It gives an easy curling encounter as it doesn't crimp everywhere. Its handle resembles that of a pair of scissors

  • Insta eyelash curler by Fuchsia Line


This is a pain free and crunch curler with an additional refill pad to improve the great thing about the eyelashes.

  • Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler


It's the hottest merchandise available on the internet in India. The thick silicone pad that is curved curls the lashes immediately without creasing the lashes. It gives the eyelashes with a naturally spectacular long-lasting curl. This can be among the bit that contains three free nonstick stick' silicone pads.



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